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New Feature: Screening on the Web

Screening on the Web


Throughout the country, many jails and prisons choose to screenprint their garments with various words, phrases or logos. The screening helps segment various populations, indicate in which facility a resident is being housed, or even specify the size of the garment in a large, clear fashion for help with laundering, inventory or distribution.

Your Screen HereWe offer in-house screening services for our customers, and we’re proud to unveil a new feature on that allows customers to order their screened garments directly from our website.

Customers who previously had their custom screens set up by our Customer Service Team are eligible to use the new screening capabilities, and they no longer need to call in their screening orders.

The new feature will save customers time and increase their ordering efficiency. As they’re placing any other Bob Barker Company order, they can include their screened garments in the same order.

Manage Screening for Eligible ItemsTo use the new online screening feature, simply add the garments to your cart that you would like to customize, then click the “Manage screening for eligible items” button to add your screens. Choose from your facility’s available screens and check out or submit your cart for a quote. It’s that easy!

If you don’t already have custom screens set up with Bob Barker Company, please call 800.334.9880 and speak to a Customer Service representative and you’ll be on your way to being able to order screens online!

Note: In some cases, certain facilities may not be eligible for online screening orders due to the nature of their screening requirements.