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Introducing the VersiFlex™ Silicone Kitchen Line

VersiFlex Silicone Kitchen Line


At Bob Barker Company, we're dedicated to providing innovative solutions for the unique challenges faced in correctional facilities. Our VersiFlex™ line stands as a testament to this commitment, offering flexible products designed to enhance safety and security. Today, we're excited to introduce our latest addition: the VersiFlex Silicone Kitchen Line.

Crafted from FDA-approved silicone, our Silicone Kitchen Line presents a safer alternative to traditional kitchen items found in prisons and jails. Here's why:

Shatter-Proof and Flexible: The pliable material of our Silicone Kitchen Line reduces the risk of breakage, minimizing the potential for these items to be weaponized. VersiFlex products are resilient to being stepped on, twisted, shattered or crushed, ensuring long-lasting durability in challenging environments.

Practical Design Features: Our Silicone 5-Compartment Food Tray has small feet to prevent sliding, dropping or spilling. The complementary Silicone 5-Compartment Food Tray Lid can be used to cover the Tray to prevent spilling, or the Trays can simply nest together without the Lid and stack to cover the Trays below. The deeper cavities of the Trays accommodate more food and utensils, while the recessed area on the bottom keeps the underside clean. Plus, a markable area allows for easy indication of dietary restrictions. With the ability to use Expo Wet Erase Markers, cleaning is a breeze – just toss them in the dishwasher for a quick refresh.

Versatile Solutions: From the Silicone Mug with its open handle for easy stacking and grip, to the Silicone Tumblers available in three convenient sizes with ridges to prevent suctioning together when stacked, our Silicone Kitchen Line adds an extra layer of convenience for your facility.

We designed each VersiFlex product to provide peace of mind for both staff and residents. They're not only durable and pliable but also quiet when slammed or dropped, which minimizes disruptions in your facility. Visit again soon for more information on our other VersiFlex products.

VersiFlex: Flexible Solutions for Secure Environments.

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