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Breaking Barriers: Bob Barker Company Leading the Way with Fair Chance Employment

Fair Chance Hiring

At Bob Barker Company, we believe in second chances. As a leading supplier to correctional and detention facilities, we understand the importance of rehabilitation and reintegration into society. That's why we are proud to champion the Fair Chance to Compete for Jobs Act of 2019, also known as the Fair Chance Act, and lead by example in providing employment opportunities to individuals who have been justice involved.

Enacted as part of the National Defense Authorization Act, the Fair Chance Act aims to level the playing field for job seekers with past convictions. It prevents federal agencies and contractors, like Bob Barker Company, from inquiring about an applicant's criminal history until a conditional offer of employment is made. This legislation ensures that individuals are evaluated based on their qualifications and skills rather than their past mistakes.

At Bob Barker Company, we embrace the principles of the Fair Chance Act wholeheartedly. We recognize the potential in every individual, regardless of their past, and empower them to rebuild their lives and contribute positively to society.

Our commitment to Fair Chance employment is further reinforced by our close partnership with the Bob Barker Foundation. As the only foundation dedicated solely to reducing recidivism, we understand the correlation between employment opportunities and lower rates of reoffending.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, within five years of release, about 67.8% of released prisoners were rearrested. However, access to stable employment can significantly reduce the likelihood of reoffending according to research by the National Institute of Justice. By providing employment opportunities and a workplace that Starts with Love, we not only help break the cycle of recidivism but also promote safer communities and foster positive societal outcomes.

By adhering to the Fair Chance Act and actively promoting Fair Chance employment, Bob Barker Company is not only meeting legal requirements but also fulfilling our moral obligation to support individuals seeking redemption and a fresh start. We invite other companies to join us in creating inclusive workplaces where everyone has an opportunity to thrive, regardless of their past. Together, we can build a brighter future for all.